Are you at a transition in life? Changing careers, heading back into the workforce or starting your own venture? Or maybe, you need a closet clean out and are ready to let go of what no longer serves you.

Are these your goals?

  1. Elevate your wardrobe with style that reflects where you’re heading in life. 
  2. Develop a new sense of self with a closet that reflects your personality while learning how to shop for what works best for your body.
  3. Organize your entire closet – toss (read as donate/consign), tailor or keep only what serves you.
  4. Feel confident, look confident and be seen as “the” expert in your field.

Then the Style Transformation is perfect for you and includes:

  • Image Consultation (discover your style personality and create an image inspiration board)
  • Makeup Consultation (beauty consultation with a makeup artist by appointment)
  • Quick Color Analysis (learn which colors work best for your wardrobe and beauty needs)
  • Body Shape Analysis (find out your true body shape NOT what you think you see in the mirror)
  • Bra Fitting (determine your correct size and proper fit so you have all the support you need)
  • Closet Cleanout (get organized, make room, and create a closet that you’ll love to walk into)
  • Virtual Closet (upload items from your closet so you can see all that you have with ease)
  • Personal Shopping (experience the best way to shop, we do the work as you get to try on amazing looks)
  • Virtual Lookbook (Styled looks at your fingertips. Never wake up rushed. It’s already done for you)
  • Monthly Styling Calls (30 minute check in calls to plan out your styling needs for the month)

The Style Tranaformation is perfect for any woman that wants to feel brand new.  Clean out what no longer serves you so that everyday when you look into your closet it sparks joy. We can assist you to either donate items or consign and earn extra dollars to invest in updating your wardrobe. Next, we’ll re-organize so you can find what you’re looking for with ease. Then, we’ll shop for a wardrobe that you’ll love and create a style that reflects the authentic powerful woman you are.

Plus, 4 months of styling assistance with 30-minute check-in calls. You’ll also get access to a virtual closet and a personalized lookbook of styles that you can continue to return to again and again. And, to top it all off, use the closet to upload additional new pieces you shop on your own after our personal shopping session to continue to update your lookbook.  No more standing in front of the closet trying to figure out what to wear.  You’ll have a complete collection of looks that truly reflect who you are and where you’re going.

I had my first appointment with Personal Shopper, Kendra Porter. She figured out my style and sizing almost immediately. Kendra did a great job understanding my wardrobe needs and put together items which mixed and matched with each other as well as with my existing clothes. She also showed me how to put pieces together in ways which were new to me. This was, by far, the most productive personal shopping experience I have ever had. I will recommend Kendra to my friends and others.

~ Melanie T. | Stamford, CT ~

HYS is about empowering women to feel good in their own skin.  It’s about showing us that we can learn how to stop obsessing about being society’s  “ideal” woman…  If you look good,  you feel good.  If you feel good,  you feel more confident and then life is just a pathway of open doors.  There is no better feeling than being comfortable with yourself,  and loving yourself – being able to let go and own it. 

~ Kristen B. | Leasing Consultant ~