From wardrobe assessments and closet cleanouts to personal shopping HonorYourStyle works one-on-one to help you express the best in you.  Learn to look great AND feel amazing NOW because you deserve it.  Our honorees are professional women who know their worth and are making moves.

OUR MOTTO: Honor Your Style. HONOR YOU!

The Seasonal Edit

Time for spring cleaning? Every wardrobe needs a refresher to feel new and vibrant again. Don’t know how to incorporate what’s on-trend for the season? Find fabulous fashion and learn to buy only what you need. With this package you will:

  1. Edit your closet for the season – toss (read as donate/consign), tailor or keep only what serves you.
  2. Look fresh and modern. Receive recommendations on what to add to re-invigorate your closet so you know exactly what you need.
  3. Shop only for new pieces that you love and will wear then learn how to incorporate them with what you currently have and see how your style comes to life. 
  4. Feel refreshed, relevant and ready to show up as your best self for whatever comes your way.

The Style Transformation

Are you at a transition in life? Changing careers, heading back into the workforce or starting your own venture? Or maybe, you need a closet cleanout and are ready to let go of what no longer serves you. With this package you will:

  1. Elevate your wardrobe with style that reflects where you’re heading in life. 
  2. Develop a new sense of self with a closet that reflects your personality while learning how to shop for what works best for your body.
  3. Organize your entire closet – toss (read as donate/consign), tailor or keep only what serves you.
  4. Feel confident, look confident and be seen as “the” expert in your field.

HYS Ultimate Experience

Want continuous on-demand styling and priority access to the expert? The HYS Ultimate Experience gives you the option of 6 months of on-demand styling for whenever you need assistance. Last-minute event? Traveling on vacation? HYS has got you covered for all your styling needs.

Available to new and current honorees.

The clothes arrived today! Thank you for all of your ideas and help .  . . and for nudging me in new directions.

You’re a great stylist and an asset. I’ll enjoy wearing these pieces.

~ Letty S. | Stamford, Connecticut ~

HYS exemplifies the idea that if you look good, you feel good. Kendra and HonorYourStyle help create that feeling of confidence and happiness by working one on one with her clients to find what makes them feel beautiful. feel comfortable and look amazing.

~ Tamara W. | Florida ~