Time for a seasonal cleaning? Every wardrobe needs a refresher to feel new and vibrant again. Don’t know how to incorporate what’s on-trend for the season? Find fabulous fashion and learn to buy only what you need.

Are these your goals?

  1. Edit your closet for the season – toss (read as donate/consign), tailor or keep only what serves you.
  2. Look fresh and modern. Receive recommendations on what to add to re-invigorate your closet so you know exactly what you need.
  3. Shop only for new pieces that you love and will wear then learn how to incorporate them with what you currently have and see how your style comes to life. 
  4. Feel refreshed, relevant and ready to show up as your best self for whatever comes your way.

The Seasonal Edit Package is ideal for you and includes:

  • Image Consultation (discover your style personality and create an image inspiration board)
  • Quick Color Analysis (learn which colors work best for your wardrobe and beauty needs)
  • Body Shape Analysis (find out your true body shape NOT what you think you see in the mirror)
  • Bra Fitting (determine your correct size and proper fit so you have all the support you need)
  • Closet Audit (Edit your closet and build signature looks for the season)
  • Virtual Closet (upload items from your closet so you can see all that you have with ease)
  • Personal Shopping (experience the best way to shop, we do the work as you get to try on amazing looks)
  • Virtual Lookbook (Styled looks at your fingertips. Never wake up rushed. It’s already done for you)
  • Monthly Styling Calls (20 minute check in calls to plan out your styling needs for the month)

The Seasonal Edit is ideal if you’re looking to update your closet for the season.  We’ll edit your wardrobe to determine what no longer serves you. Then, we can assist you to either donate items or consign and earn extra dollars to invest in updating your wardrobe. Next, we’ll plan to shop for replacement items and give your closet the style lift it deserves. 

Plus, 3 months of styling assistance with 20-minute check-in calls. You’ll also get access to a virtual closet and a personalized lookbook of styles that you can continue to return to again and again. And, to top it all off, use the closet to upload additional new pieces you shop on your own after our personal shopping session to continue to update your lookbook.  I’ll be your new BFF (Best Friend in the Fitting room). You’ll feel excited about the season and have a lookbook of styles ready to address all your fashion needs.

Kendra is a very warm person and made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her.  It  was amazing how she was able to find things in my closet that I didn’t even know existed!  And I loved what she did with my jewelry by creating a new look with different strands of pearls.  I will definitely take her advice to wear more bright colors and accessorize with more jewelry in the future!

~ Susan G. | Principal Scientist ~

My biggest challenge clothing-wise is creativity.  Kendra DEFINITELY helped me to overcome this challenge.  She knew her way around the store and picked out something I would have never thought worked well together, but let me tell you, they rocked!  I felt very sexy and confident in my outfit.  Overall, I had a great experience with Kendra and I am sure you will too!

~ Tracy S. | Health & Wellness Coach ~