_You are worthy of who you are._ (2)

A little about the founder and your “Style BFF”.ย  My name is Kendra Charisse Porter; consider me your Best Friend in the Fitting room.

As a child, my body developed earlier than the girls I went to school with but my self-esteem, unfortunately, did not.  By age 12, I had a growth spurt to 5″6′ and my mother bought me my first girdle. By 18, I stood 5″10 with thick thighs and a small waist.  Pants were too short, skirts were too big and I stopped fitting into junior sizes long before I was a Junior in high school.  I’ve learned how to make clothes work for my body instead of fighting with my body to fit into clothes.

Being an image consultant and personal stylist for me is about showing you how to look and feel beautiful no matter what your size.ย  We can be our own worst critics. I have heard it all — clients who are a size 4 and hate their muscular calves to clients who are a size 24 and call their arms chicken wings. Almost everyone has their “thing”; but here it is, you have legs built for the long haul and arms created to provide the most tender of hugs to the ones you love.ย  For me it’s getting my clients to looooooove what they have on, how they look and the joy it makes them feel; so much so it makes them dance in front of the mirror (Seriously! just watch). HonorYourStyle was birthed out of a passion for women to know YOU ARE VALUED and that YOU ARE WORTHY to be honored.

My motto:  Honor Your Style. HONOR YOU!