Feeling bored with a closet full of clothes? Have a couple of upcoming events where you need to dress to impress? Learn how to maximize what you own and create new looks without spending a dime.  Get excited by your closet again.

Are these your goals?

  1. Get a fresh perspective on your wardrobe and love what you wear.
  2. Maximize your closet. Learn how to style what you already have in multiple ways. 
  3. Learn how to complete your look with accessories so every look feels new and exciting.
  4. Feel confident every day as you show up for virtual meetings and life in a post-COVID world.

The Re-Style Package is right for you and includes:

  • Image Consultation (discover your style personality and create an image inspiration board)
  • Quick Color Analysis (learn which colors work best for your wardrobe and beauty needs)
  • Body Shape Analysis (find out your true body shape NOT what you think you see in the mirror)
  • Closet Audit (explore your closet, style key pieces, and find out how to make that one jacket work)
  • Virtual Closet (upload items from your closet so you can see all that you have with ease)
  • Personalized Lookbook (Styled looks at your fingertips. Never wake up rushed. It’s already done for you.)

The Re-Style is right for you if you’re looking to maximize what you already have and are looking for a fresh perspective.  You’ll learn how to balance style, comfort, and presence. I’ll work with key items in your wardrobe to build multiple looks and you’ll learn how to accessorize. 

Plus, you’ll get access to a virtual closet and a personalized lookbook of styles that you can continue to return to again and again. And, to top it all off, use the closet to upload additional new pieces you shop on your own after our session to continue to update your lookbook.  In the end, you’ll feel excited again about getting dressed in the morning with a capsule collection that allows you to build multiple looks so your wardrobe feels new and exciting. 

*** The Re-Style package is also the right fit for anyone with upcoming media appearances or speaking engagements who need just a couple of looks pulled together.  We’ll create looks that have you command the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression.***

Re-Style Package (1 month) $1,500

Just 2 installment payments of $900, or save $300 when you pay in full.

Kendra made me feel fantastic about the entire process – I needed help finding the perfect outfits for a professional photo shoot….  She made me feel beautiful and like my wardrobe was perfect – even with the suggestions and additions she was making.  It takes a special person to make you feel like you have everything you need in your closet and make additions, adjustments alterations… All the outfits truly reflected me, rather than the person I think I should be… She really found my fashion voice!  It was an incredible experience, left me feeling beautiful in my own skin and clothing.  Without doubt, Kendra will be a resource I will use for years to come!  

~ Dr. Marcie B. | Educational Therapist ~

I have recently lost 120 lbs.  Losing this much weight is awesome, but finding the right jeans to fit my body has been a challenge.  During my make over Kendra showed me how the cut of the jeans can really show off my new figure.  For example, instead of a skinny jean, wearing a boot cut will make my hips look smaller and flattered my new body type.  Kendra also picked out an amazing leather jacket, top and scarf to complete my look. …I felt like a million bucks.  I appreciate all that she taught me and will use her tips throughout the rest of my weight loss journey.  Thank you Kendra and HonorYourStyle!!

~ Jackie S. | Assistant Principal ~