I would like to start by saying that Kendra Porter is such a beautiful woman, and I wish her all the best and continuous blessings as her company grows.

Although it may be strange to say it is totally true, I wake up every morning and hear Kendra’s voice in my head when it comes to decisions on an outfit. Kendra said to me once ” just because it comes in your size does not mean it is meant for you” words, I shall never forget. Those simple yet life-changing words helped tremendously with how I began to dress. I became more aware of the “muffin top” and how it was not a good look, that wearing a girdle can be a magical experience, lastly no matter how lovely the outfit I have to feel confident on the inside. Being plus sized does not mean you can not be apart of this booming fashion industry or staying up to date with the trends, you just  to find what works best for your body another lesson from Miss Porter.

~ Tarika V.