Start the year excited with a fresh perspective on your wardrobe and your style. Learn how to maximize your wardrobe, save time and money, PLUS feel more confident every day. This VIRTUAL package ensures you have access to style anywhere you are and gets you off on the right foot in 2022. Learn how to HonorYourStyle. YOU deserve to look good EVERY DAY! The best investment you can make is in YOU. You are worthy!!!

*The Start Fresh Package is being offered for a limited time only – Service available thru 2.13.2022*

Are these your goals?

  1. Start the year excited with a fresh perspective on your wardrobe and style.
  2. Clean your entire closet – toss, tailor and keep only those items that serve you.
  3. Save time and relieve stress with looks you love created just for you.
  4. No more second guessing, feel amazing and confident walking out the door.

Then Start Fresh is perfect for you and includes:

  • Image Consultation (discover your style personality and create an image inspiration board so that you have a clear picture of where you are headed and how you would like to show up in the world)
  • Quick Color Analysis (learn which colors work best for your wardrobe and beauty needs so that you have a natural glow every time you walk out the door)
  • Body Shape Analysis (find out your true body shape NOT what you think you see in the mirror so that you dress for the body you have, accentuating all your best features)
  • Virtual Closet Cleanout (get organized, make room, find pieces with ease and create a closet that you’ll love to walk into every day)
  • Virtual Closet (upload items from your closet IRL so you can see all that you have with ease and don’t have to guess what you have)
  • Virtual Lookbook (a capsule collection of 10 completely styled looks at your fingertips. Never wake up rushed because it’s all done for you by an expert)
  • 2 Months On-Demand Styling (styling via text PLUS one 20-minute check-in call each month)

Feel excited again about your clothes.  Clean out what no longer serves you so that every day when you look into your closet it sparks joy. We can assist you to either donate items or consign and earn extra dollars to invest in updating your wardrobe. Next, we’ll create a capsule wardrobe of items so that you can mix and match with ease. You’ll love getting dressed again.

Plus, get access to me via text for 2 months of on-demand styling assistance along with one 20-minute call each month to plan for the weeks ahead. Check-in whenever you’re shopping online/in-store and I’ll be your new BFF (Best Friend in the Fitting room). You’ll also get access to a virtual closet and a personalized lookbook of styles that you can continue to return to again and again. And, to top it all off, use the closet to upload additional new pieces you shop on your own.  No more standing in front of the closet trying to figure out what to wear.  You’ll have a collection of looks that truly reflect who you are and where you’re going.

The 2022 Style Package (2 Months) = $2,022

Just 2 payments of $1,210 or save $398 when you pay in full.

*The Start Fresh Package is being offered for a limited time only – Service available thru 2.13.2022*

Kendra shared with me the building blocks of understanding not only your shape and how to dress it, but also the importance of understanding what you’re trying to convey with your style and how to embody your future self and your highest self in the now. Working with Kendra was a lot of fun, and she clearly brings a lot of passion, generosity, and many years of experience in the field to the table.

~ Lana K. | Small Business Consultant ~

Kendra is Amazing! As an Image Consultant, she is very knowledgeable about her technique for coloring. Her personality as a people person makes you so comfortable to “shop” or go through your wardrobe. Now I can dress and shop more easily. Love her… she makes me love me more!

~ Veta F. | Director Medical Staff Services ~